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WooCommerce Admin v0.19.0 — September 25, 2019
WooCommerce Admin v0.15.0 — July 13, 2019
WooCommerce Admin v0.14.0 — July 2, 2019
WooCommerce Admin v0.13.0 and Revised Merge Plans — June 19, 2019
WooCommerce Admin v0.12.0 release notes — May 17, 2019

WooCommerce Admin v0.12.0 release notes

We are happy to announce the availability of a new build of the WooCommerce Admin feature plugin! If this is the first time you have heard about WooCommerce Admin, it is a new JavaScript-driven interface for managing your WooCommerce stores that is focusing on creating new and improved reports, and a dashboard to monitor all the important key metrics of your site. You can read more about the background of the project in our Alpha announcement post – or watch the keynote from WooSesh.

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