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Community Chat #7 Notes — March 23, 2020

Community Chat #7 Notes

We hosted 7th edition of WooCommerce community chat on 27 February earlier this year. This was day after release candidate launch of WooCommerce 4.0. You can read the full backscroll on this slack link (which may expire very soon) or read on the notes below.

We hosts these chats on WooCommerce Community Slack in #core channel. If you do not already have access to this group, you can request an invite!

WooCommerce 4.0

We started the chat by discussing incoming 4.0 release and chatted a bit around major changes going to be included in the release, notably the action scheduler update. We are also posting some awesome testing instructions for the past few releases now (h/t Julia and Tam) which will hopefully help in testing beta and release candidates.

Flat tables

Discussion about the custom (flat) product and order tables also made a cameo in the chat. Unfortunately, while the progress is not stopped, its also not super fast. Hopefully, we will have some good news soon.

PR Merge Process

We also talked a bit about the PR merge process and how to know which PRs are going to be included in the next release. Generally, we aim to merge the PRs in the release which is tagged with a milestone for that release.

Once the beta is released, we do not merge feature PRs for that release, but we try to include any high priority bug fixes even late in the release process.

WooCommerce Payments

We also talked about WooCommerce Payments, which is in beta as of this writing. When available, it would be possible to manage payments from inside WooCommerce Dashboard.

Till the next one!

Thanks again to all whom attended. If you have any ideas on how to make our chats more helpful, or if you have a question/topic you would like to discuss, please leave a note in the comments below.

While this concluded our chat, stay tuned for announcement about the next one.

WooCommerce 3.9.3 Fix Release — March 4, 2020

WooCommerce 3.9.3 Fix Release

WooCommerce 3.9.3 is now available! This is a minor release and includes few bug fixes. Importantly, this contains the fix for the issue where coupon messages were not formatted properly along with updating some deprecated functions.

Here’s the change-log for this release:

* Fix - Replaced deprecated Jetpack::is_staging_site call. #25670
* Fix - Corrected the cache invalidation behavior of order item CRUD actions. #25734
* Fix - Configure Jetpack plugin before trying to connect/register. #25742
* Fix - Check configure exists before calling to support older JP versions. #25747
* Fix - Better handling of coupon code when rendering.
* Dev - Updated WooCommerce blocks to 2.5.14 (See changelog at

We highly recommend updating WooCommerce to this version as soon as possible.

Download the latest release of WooCommerce here or visit Dashboard → Updates to update the plugin from your WordPress admin screen.
As usual, if you spot any other issues in WooCommerce core, please log them in detail on GitHub. For security issues? Please submit a report via HackerOne.

February 27: Community Chat #7 — February 26, 2020

February 27: Community Chat #7

Greetings everyone! The second community chat of 2020 is going to take place on Thursday, February 27 at 18:00 UTC in the #core channel of the WooCommerce Community Slack. If you don’t already have access to the group, you can request an invite here.

In this Community Chat, we will discuss the upcoming release of WooCommerce 4.0!

If you have any questions or topics you would like to chat about during Community Chat #7, please drop a comment below.

WooCommerce 3.8 is now available! — November 5, 2019

WooCommerce 3.8 is now available!

We are proud to announce that WooCommerce 3.8 is live. In development since August 2019 and tallying 516 commits by 28 authors, this version represents a move towards smaller, stable, and more frequent WooCommerce releases.

WooCommerce 3.8 is a minor release, which means everything should be backward compatible if updating from a previous version. That said, we strongly recommend that you ensure your theme and plugins are compatible and make sufficient backups for peace of mind. More at: How to Update WooCommerce.

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WooCommerce 3.8 RC2 — October 29, 2019

WooCommerce 3.8 RC2

WooCommerce 3.8 RC2 is now available for testing. This release contains only fixes that were reported during the 3.8 Beta and 3.8 RC1 testing period to ensure stability of this release.

See the 3.8 Beta release post for more information about what’s new with WooCommerce 3.8.

You can download WooCommerce 3.8 directly from GitHub or from the repository, or use the WooCommerce Beta Tester plugin that allows you to test this and all future beta and release candidates.

We welcome you to help test this version prior to the planned release date of November 5, 2019.

Think you found a bug in WooCommerce 3.8 RC2? Open a GitHub issue with as many details as possible.