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Storefront 2.3.1 release notes — May 10, 2018

Storefront 2.3.1 release notes

Storefront 2.3.1 has been tagged for release and uploaded to

Here’s what’s changed pulled directly from the changelog:

* Feature - Add support for GDPR features soon to be introduced in WordPress 4.9.6.
* Tweak - Removed inline CSS cache; WordPress autoloads options by default, there's no advantage to caching the CSS.
* Fix - Made changes to `icons.scss` to address an issue where Font Awesome icons were not being displayed correctly on some sites.
* Fix - Apply clearfix to `.col-full` globally.

Download the latest release of Storefront here or venture over to Dashboard → Updates to update your theme from WordPress.

As usual, if you spot any other issues, please log them in detail on Github.

Storefront 2.3.0 is now available to download — May 8, 2018

Storefront 2.3.0 is now available to download

Storefront 2.3.0 has just been tagged for release an uploaded to That means it should be available to download very soon!

While 2.3 is not a major release, you should not update live sites without adequate testing on a staging site. If you are using any additional Storefront products (child themes and/or extensions) be sure to check for updates for them before updating Storefront.

What’s in the box

Please read the previous post which includes all of the details of this release.

For the condensed version, here’s the relevant info pulled directly from the changelog;

Feature - Sticky Add-To-Cart.
Feature - Product Pagination.
Feature - WooCommerce Brands integration.
Tweak - Increased size of branding section if secondary navigation not used.
Tweak - Added a screen reader label to post navigation links.
Tweak - Removed RGBaster and added Customizer controls to change the color of text in the homepage Hero section.
Tweak - Removed NUX notice if coming from the WooCommerce wizard.
Tweak - Updated My Account layout.
Tweak - Removed column wrappers, unnecessary as of WooCommerce 3.3.
Tweak - Removed Jetpack Infinite Scroll hacks; they are no longer needed as of the latest version of Jetpack / WooCommerce.
Tweak - Removed "Free Extensions" column from Welcome page.
Fix - Reduce padding on cart table to prevent sidebar from overflowing container.
Fix - Hide handheld footer bar when an input is focused.
Fix - Prevent entry meta author styles from being applied to the author archives.
Fix - All included JavaScript is now compatible with Internet Explorer 11.
Fix - Added styling for other buttons in the header mini cart added by extensions.
Fix - Improved semantic HTML for pages and single posts.
Fix - Removed negative margins in the primary navigation and breadcrumb containers to fix an overflow issue in the Linux version of Chrome.
Fix - Removed 1px pixel margin on the product images gallery.
Fix - Added missing styles to Composite Products integration.
Dev - Upgrade to Font Awesome 5.
Dev - Remove `composer.json` from production version.
Dev - Added CSS style linting.
Dev - Renamed the `sass` folder to `css`. All `.scss` files are now excluded from the production version.


You can download Storefront now from your dashboard or from

I found a bug

If you find a bug then as always, please be sure to report it on GitHub. If you have any other problems with Storefront please post on the support forum, or contact us if you’re a WooCommerce customer.

Storefront 2.3 RC1 — May 2, 2018

Storefront 2.3 RC1

Storefront 2.3.0 RC1 is available for testing. This includes some fixes for issues identified during Beta 1.

To learn more about what’s new in 2.3.0, please read the Beta 1 announcement post.

To test Storefront 2.3.0 RC1 you can download the release candidate here (zip).

Think you’ve found a bug? Please post in detail to Github.

The final version of 2.3 is due for release May 8 2018. Huge props to everyone who has sent feedback about this release so far or found bugs.

Storefront 2.3 beta 1 — April 20, 2018

Storefront 2.3 beta 1

I’m happy to announce that Storefront 2.3 beta 1 is now available. You can download it and begin testing by clicking here.

What’s changed in 2.3?

Sticky Add-To-Cart & Product Pagination

Sticky Add-To-Cart

We reviewed the free extensions we have for Storefront and discovered that the Storefront Sticky Add-To-Cart and Storefront Product Pagination extensions were used by half of Storefront’s user base. Because of this, we’ve decided to integrate both these extensions directly into Storefront core.

Product Pagination

If you’re currently using any of these extensions, don’t panic; they won’t conflict. However, you should consider deleting the extensions once the final version of Storefront 2.3 is made available since they will no longer be supported or maintained separately.

New Customizer controls


It’s now possible to control the color of both the title and text of the “Hero” homepage section via the “Typography” section in the Customizer. Previously we tried to pick the appropriate color based on the background image, but the process often resulted in slow page loading times on the frontend.


Also with the addition of Sticky Add-To-Cart and Product Pagination, there’s now a new “Product Page” section with toggles to enable or disable these features in the Customizer.

Changes to the Header & Breadcrumb wrappers

Due to repeated reports of issues with certain browsers, we decided to refactor the CSS for the Header and Breadcrumb sections, removing the negative margins applied to the containers.

The following changes were made:

  • The ‘Primary Navigation’ was moved outside of the Header .col-full container.
  • The WooCommerce Breadcrumb was moved from the storefront_content_top hook to storefront_before_content.

Enhanced WooCommerce Brands integration

The WooCommerce Brands integration allows you to create, assign and list brands for products, and allow customers to view by brand. The enhanced integration includes:

  • Homepage section to display brands on your store.
  • Brand logo is now shown on the product pages, if the product has a brand.
  • New Brands archives design shows the logo and brand description.

Technical changes

Stylelint support

Helps you avoid errors and enforce consistent conventions in your stylesheets. Read more here.

Font Awesome 5 update

Font Awesome 5 has been re-written and re-designed completely from scratch. We took the opportunity to also update all our Sass files with the provided Sass variables instead of manually using the unicode values for better readability.

CSS/Sass file organization

The sass folder, where the CSS files were located, has been renamed to css. All .scss files will now be excluded from the final download file available in the repository.

Beta testing

If you’re using any Storefront extensions, plugins or child themes, we’ll start updating all our products to provide compatibility with 2.3 in the next few days. We recommend that you check for updates to these products and run the updates as they become available to ensure your site is ready for Storefront 2.3.

If you find issues we encourage you to open an issue on the Storefront GitHub repository with a clear description so we can resolve before the final release.


You can download Storefront 2.3 beta 1 right here.


Storefront 2.2.8 release notes — February 13, 2018

Storefront 2.2.8 release notes

Storefront 2.2.8 has been tagged for release and uploaded to

Here’s what’s changed pulled directly from the changelog:

* Fix - Image bleed from next image in the gallery.
* Fix - H1 site title tag on Front page instead of Posts page.
* Fix - Number of columns and rows can now be changed in the Customizer.
* Fix - Logo image size in Internet Explorer.
* Fix - Prevent sidebar from overflowing the content at small sizes on cart page.
* Fix - 404 page responsive layout.
* Tweak - Updated development blog links.
* Feature - WooCommerce Memberships integration.

Download the latest release of Storefront here or venture over to Dashboard → Updates to update your theme from WordPress.

As usual, if you spot any other issues, please log them in detail on Github.