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Dev chat summary – August 15th 2017 — August 16, 2017

Dev chat summary – August 15th 2017

This post summarizes the dev chat meeting from August 15th (agenda, Slack archive).

WooCommerce 3.2 update:

  • Last thing to work on is the Webhooks CRUD
  • The discounts/coupon API work is merged into master. Dev blog post coming this week.
  • Asked developers to check against master coupons for compatibility due to the refactors.
  • Asked for more feedback (user feedback) on SelectWoo which is also in master.

Roadmap update:

  • Still looking at tools. Likely going with Trello for the public roadmap.
  • The setup should be columns for each quarter, card per item, with user-friendly, non-dev speak descriptions.
  • vs Github, Github is dev-speak. And github is for the technical implementation details. Roadmap is user facing/high level.

Separate payments from orders:


  • WC Dashboard idea to house messages/notices.
  • Frontend things like checkout not getting much attention. To be worked on later in the year.
  • Re-opened the checkout issue for feedback.
  • Stock add/subtract from CSV import accepted. Needs logging on github.
WooCommerce 3.1.2 fix release notes — August 15, 2017

WooCommerce 3.1.2 fix release notes

The WooCommerce 3.1.2 fix release is now available. You can download it from or as an automatic update in your administration panel.

~35 commits made it into this fix release. The full changelog is below.

* Fix - Importer: Prevent multiple placeholders being created when mixing IDs and SKUs.
* Fix - Importer: correctly set stock management props.
* Fix - Importer: Allow "unfiltered_html" for name, description and short description fields.
* Fix - Fix filename image handling.
* Fix - Rest API: Allow OPTIONS requests.
* Fix - Fixed missing reviews in product_page shortcode when querying by SKU.
* Fix - Don't subtract negative taxes in net sales report.
* Fix - Sort by order + zone ID as a fallback in shipping zones so the zones always match in the same order.
* Fix - Corrected subject and heading in customer refunded email.
* Fix - Corrected handling of custom checkbox fields in checkout get_posted_data method.
* Fix - Fix admin help videos async property.
* Fix - Fixed price filters by introducing precision.
* Fix - Improved customer IP address detection.
* Fix - Fix dark theme readability.
* Fix - CLI tools command.
* Fix - Adjusted shop manager role to prevent unfiltered HTML being used.
* Fix - Various notices/warnings.
* Dev - Correctly invalidate cache after saving order items.
* Dev - Added woocommerce_data_store_wp_{$this->meta_type}_read_meta filter.

If you spot any further issues, please report them to us in detail on GitHub so the development team can review – comments on this post are closed.

Dev Chat Summary – July 11th — July 12, 2017

Dev Chat Summary – July 11th

This post summarizes the dev chat meeting from June 20th (agenda, Slack archive).

Where to post dev chat questions for the agenda

Agenda posts (comments), or #core room on slack.

ETAs on release dates

We’re literally timing release dates to quarters at present.

3.2 is due for release october 4th


Discussion about how WC can open up the roadmap and priorities. Highlights:

Could a page something like this be created that provides general philosophy/plans for releases
Then at the bottom, if you want to be really helpful, pull in the GitHub Issues via the API with milestones so there is a single source of truth on both:
1. general overview of release plans
2. specific features/issues etc. planned for near term releases
(Really the first part is the most important IMO, even if that’s changing, we’d still have a place to refer to)

On releases:

no one ever knows what’s being done or what’s going to happen. The shorter release cycles were a surprise once 3.1 beta dropped, we had no idea we should be planning for that kind of release cycle ahead of that announcement (and we almost missed a critical issue with 3.1 because of that).

On announcements:

If the roadmap said in 8 months that core will be *entirely* rewritten and *everything* would break, then it says it, but at least it says it, and isn’t in rooms, githubs, and discussions that almost the entire WC community doesn’t know exists.

On target audience:

I’m not asking for me, I’m asking for the people I go into a room with talking about big businesses on a platform that when the business asks “I heard that they update and break a lot” I can’t answer “yeah but thats not going to happen anymore” and they take my word for it. We have 3.3 planned, sure, but 3.4, 3.5, is there going to be a 3.9? whats in 3.9? what’s 4.0 look like? when is 4.0? 1 year, 5 years?


we’ll start the roadmap page idea over the coming weeks.

3.1 feedback

Well done on backward compatibility and thank you! That is all my feedback.

WooCommerce 3.1.1 fix release notes — July 11, 2017

WooCommerce 3.1.1 fix release notes

The WooCommerce 3.1.1 fix release is now available. You can download it from or as an automatic update in your administration panel.

~50 commits made it into this fix release. The full changelog is below.

* Fix - Product importer: fixed handling of non UTF8 characters in descriptions.
* Fix - Product importer: Allow times in date fields.
* Fix - Product exporter: fixed meta data checkbox option.
* Fix - Helper: Styling and connect button in non-english languages.
* Fix - Tweak terms and conditions template to check for disallowed shortcodes.
* Fix - Fixed order helper queries when before_date and after_date args are both, corrected use of "paged", and corrected use of filters.
* Fix - Gallery; Trigger resize after main image loads to ensure correct gallery size.
* Fix - Prevent extra slashes being added to meta values when using the CRUD.
* Fix - Appends "where" clauses in the comment feed to prevent a notice.
* Fix - Fixed structured data output for variable product prices.
* Fix - 3.x issue: Changed state validation logic to work for MX states.
* Fix - 3.x issue: 7day reports should start from midnight, not the current time.
* Fix - 3.x issue: Status changes made by admin should be marked as a manual in the order notes.
* Fix - 3.x issue: Allow unsetting product shipping class in REST API.
* Fix - 3.x issue: Corrected error handling in zones shippingMethodView.
* Tweak - Avoid CloudFlare email obfuscation in admin.
* Tweak - Improved detection of DOING_AUTOSAVE in admin meta box code.
* Tweak - Improved my-account redirects and fallbacks.
* Tweak - Add cart_subtotal to the shipping package so prices are recalculated when needed.
* Dev - Add search_customers() filter in customer data store.
* Dev - Product exporter: woocommerce_product_export_skip_meta_keys filter to control what gets exported.
* Dev - Pass correct value to woocommerce_shipping_classes_save_class when inserting a new term

If you spot any further issues, please report them to us in detail on GitHub so the development team can review – comments on this post are closed.

July 11th: Dev chat #7 — July 4, 2017

July 11th: Dev chat #7

The next chat will be on July 11th at 16:00 UTC in the #core channel of the WooCommerce Community Slack. If you don’t already have access to the group, you can request an invite at the bottom of the WooCommerce developers page.

Here is the agenda:

If you have anything to propose for the agenda or related to the above, please leave a comment below.

See you there!

p.s. if you missed something in the last dev chat, you can recap our summary here.