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WooCommerce 3.4.4 fix release notes — July 25, 2018

WooCommerce 3.4.4 fix release notes

WooCommerce 3.4.4 is now available. ~50 commits made it into this release and the full changelog is below.

* Fix - Only wordwrap plain email content. #20723
* Fix - Better escaping on product quick edit. #20740
* Fix - Log file deletion. #20730
* Fix - Search feature in Webhooks and REST API keys settings. #20706
* Fix - Notices in REST API keys settings screen. #20706
* Fix - add a check to prevent WC_Geolite_Integration::get_country_iso() from generating a PHP undefined index notice when unable to determine the country code for a given IP address. #20608
* Fix - Variable product stock display if parent is stock managed and not the variation. #20661
* Fix - Correctly hide cost for zero cost shipping methods after placing orders. #20663
* Fix - Disabled autocomplete to prevent datepicker overlapping. #20687
* Fix - Prevent a PHP notice in the setup wizard when store state is not selectable. #20695
* Fix - Fix logic error in WC_Product_CSV_Exporter::get_column_value_stock. #20753
* Fix - Fixed missing notice about no product variation matching. #20762
* Fix - Correct PHPDocs in exporter class. #20861
* Fix - Prevent Mailchimp redirection during the Setup Wizard. #20879
* Fix - Don't hide coupon form after coupon has been applied. #20889
* Tweak - Remove (optional) text from Address line 2 field. #20622 #20639
* Tweak - Removed 100% width for images on single product page using 2017 theme. #20818
* Tweak - Add margin to best selling product title in the dashboard widget to avoid overlapping the sparkline. #20849
* Tweak - Re-add woocommerce_order_details_after_customer_details_filter removed during WC 3.2. #20886
* Dev - Added woocommerce_calculate_item_totals_taxes filter. #20586
* Dev - Links to next and previous page sent out in HTTP header via REST API fixed for some endpoints. #20686
* Dev - Better wc_format_phone_number cleaning. #20637

Download the latest release of WooCommerce here or venture over to Dashboard → Updates to update your plugins from WordPress.

As usual, if you spot any other issues in WooCommerce core please log them in detail on Github, and to disclose a security issue to our team, please submit a report via HackerOne here. Comments on this post are closed.

WooCommerce Gutenberg Products Block 1.1.0 release notes — June 6, 2018

WooCommerce Gutenberg Products Block 1.1.0 release notes

WooCommerce Gutenberg Products Block 1.1.0 is now available. This is the latest version of our feature plugin that adds a multi-purpose Products block to the Gutenberg editor. If you’re not familiar with the Products block feature plugin or the work we’ve been doing to get WooCommerce ready for Gutenberg here is an in-depth article all about it.

The full changelog is below.

* Feature - Add "Best Selling" and "Top Rated" product scopes.
* Fix - Only enqueue scripts and styles in the site backend.
* Fix - Remove focus checks deprecated in latest Gutenberg version.
* Fix - Added keys to some elements to prevent React warnings.
* Enhancement - Added custom API endpoint for more accurate block previews with orderby.
* Performance - Refactored the way the attribute select works to prevent many concurrent API requests on sites with many attributes.

Make sure you are updated to the latest version of Gutenberg then download the latest version here or venture over to Dashboard → Updates to update your plugins from WordPress.

If you spot any bugs or issues please log them in detail on Github.

WooCommerce 3.4 is here — May 23, 2018

WooCommerce 3.4 is here

Today we’re excited to release WooCommerce 3.4 into the wild! 3.4 has been in development since January, and has had over 2140 commits from 80 contributors.

3.4 is a “minor” release; this version should be backwards compatible with sites running versions of WooCommerce greater than 3.0. We do of course recommend ensuring your extensions and themes are compatible before upgrading, and making backups for peace of mind–see this handy guide for more details.

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WooCommerce 3.4 RC1 — May 9, 2018
WooCommerce 3.4 beta 2 — May 3, 2018

WooCommerce 3.4 beta 2

WooCommerce 3.4 beta 2 is now available. This beta release has a whole host of bug fixes and is ready for testing! To test WC 3.4 beta 2 you can use our beta tester plugin or download the release here.

Thanks for testing WooCommerce, and if you find any bugs please open an issue!