During the last WooCommerce developer chat we had a productive discussion about the usefulness of the product type icons on the admin Products screen. The topic was originally brought up in this GitHub issue and people seem to have strong feelings about it.

With the current design of the icons it is difficult to tell what type of product each icon represents, and one solution to this would be to improve the icons.

Another possible solution is to remove the column entirely. Removing the column would reduce the clutter on the screen and provide more space for other columns that are more useful.

Feedback from some store owners was that they have this column hidden when managing their stores because the product type of a product does not affect their workflow at all. When they do need to find products of a specific type it is easier and quicker to use the “Filter by product type” dropdown.

This sort of decision should be based on data and not anecdotes, so we have created a poll. If this column is part of your workflow, please also post a comment below explaining how it is used. Your answers and comments will help determine what happens to this column!