As you may have seen, 3.3.0 was removed from soon after release on Wednesday; this was to give the team time to look deeper into some theme conflicts being reported and to avoid more users running into the same issues.

The severity of the issue was relatively low, however, the volume of users running the impacted themes was potentially high, so we chose to take this safer approach.

The issue affected themes with template overrides from 3.2.x which hadn’t been made compatible with 3.3. In general, we recommend that themes use hooks instead of template overrides. Themes such as Storefront (which does not use template overrides) were compatible at launch.

If you’re unsure if your theme was affected, users have shared their experiences with various themes on the forum around this issue.

Why does list 3.2.6 and not 3.3.0?

To prevent further users downloading 3.3.0 as an automated update from WordPress admin, we reverted the stable version back to 3.2.6.

When 3.3.1 is released, the auto update will be available again for all users.

What should I do if I updated to 3.3?

If you’re running 3.3 already and your theme is compatible, you don’t need to make any changes.

If you have upgraded and saw issues with your theme, check to see if a compatibility update was released – these updates will likely fix issues on your site. For example, Genesis Connect for WooCommerce was affected and has since released a fix.

If you have upgraded, are seeing issues, and no compatibility updates have been released, you have three options:

    1. Just wait for 3.3.1 to be released officially: This path makes sense if you’re not too concerned about the issues you’re seeing.
    2. Update to our pre-release version of 3.3.1 available here: We only recommend this route if you’re comfortable with pre-release versions. More below on what’s already gone into 3.3.1.
    3. Downgrade to 3.2.6 using the WP Rollback plugin: We only suggest going this route if you’re seeing issues you’re concerned about and don’t want to take the risk of a pre-release version.

Aside from the theme issues mentioned above, 3.3 is looking pretty stable. We are running it ourselves on without problems, so please only downgrade if absolutely neccessary.

How do I install the pre-release of 3.3.1?

3.3.1-rc.1 can be found on GitHub.

  1. Download the new zip file.
  2. Unzip of your computer.
  3. Upload the woocommerce plugin folder to your site manually following any of these instructions:

Using this pre-release or downgrading should not affect your WooCommerce data as long as you never ‘uninstall’ via admin.

What are you doing to resolve this issue?

To resolve the issues, we selected a set of the most common themes running on WooCommerce stores and then tested for compatibility with the 3.3.1 release. We’ve already tested with more than 40 themes, and we believe 3.3.1 is relatively stable, but are taking the extra time to test more thoroughly.

The fixes already made to 3.3.1 can be found here on GitHub.

When will 3.3.1 be out?

Subject to our continued testing, we’re aiming to have 3.3.1 out early next week (the week of the 5th Feb, 2018). Any further updates or deviations from this will be added to this post as needed.

Thanks for your support.