Recently an announcement was made that plugins could soon make use of Language Packs, the same way in which core and themes do. This makes it easier for users to obtain translations (they are downloaded along with the plugin), lets everyone translate in the same place ( and lets all plugins share a translation memory.

With the new language pack system, you’ll be able to update/install any translation from your WordPress dashboard within the “Updates” screen:


Up until now, WooCommerce has had its own custom language pack system implemented in 2.2, with our translations being hosted on Transifex. We’re like to move this over to .org as soon as possible.

Starting today, we’ll no longer update the languages packages within the Transifex and the 2.4.8 WooCommerce release will no longer include our custom language pack downloader.

Our new translations are located here.

If you’re like to contribute to translation going forward, or if you are maintaining a translation already, it’s important you start doing this now on WordPress will only install translations that are complete, with all strings revised.

If you are a translation reviewer today at Transifex or would like to be a reviewer, please leave a comment (see example below) with your username and which language you would like to be reviewer.

pt_BR – @claudiosanches


If you would like to learn more about how translation works in the new system with GlotPress, see this post.

Thanks to all of our contributors 🙂